Sønnen være tro og ære

♪ 8th of March

See lyrics below.

8th Of March by Vaccinius


Together in the arms of her
are we bound to grow and flourish
in life to live and nourish
to come through earth's shield and blur.
Making us a place for art and living,
making growth for times to come,
making room for earning and for giving,
making time to come back home.

Expecting us will always He
letting life be gained through faith
regardless of the case
in the hands of one to be
making up for human faults in story,
making up to one to come,
making through for nature and for glory,
making ‘till we come back home.

Distinguished mother of the earth;
let thy child not be presented
but honour life ascended
from the once He then gave birth.
Let the future be the aim of present
and let life be here to gain.
Let the will and life be living lessoned,
and the child be sound and sane.

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