Sønnen være tro og ære


"A psalm"
A translation of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson's
"Salmer" (dikt II)
Original: Here

Praise the continual spring in the being
which everything has made!
Resurrection the smallest creation is seeing,
only states are decayed.
By generations, new generations are born.
A rising capability is thus worn;
in millions of years
the world dies and appears.

Nothing as little that no smaller is given
for one to free.
Nothing as great that no greater is given
for one to see.
By the most insignificant worm in the mould
a mount was created for verdure to hold.
The dust or the sand
constituted the land.

Eternal entirety, where the smallest and the greatest
unite in falls.
No one shall see the end, - the earliest
no one recalls.
The law of the order the given way
makes, for in for beings to stay;
the fruit and the need
are united in deed.

The offspring of everness we are all.
The ideas were
rooted in the morning of the lineage, they fall,
quest to appear,
as pursuit on the everlasting ground.
Be therefore glad, be safe and sound –
by the being anew
the inheritance grew.

Adhere to the cheerfulness, you who could colour
as growth the spring,
who got a share in the everlasting honour,
as a thing,
who could contribute your share in the task eternal,
be a little by the living vernal,
a single breath's way,
eternity's day!

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